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بلد السلام الكاذب----- النرويج 2
بعد الحاح واصرار على تقديم المستندات والوثائق التي تثبت كذب ادعاء النرويج وقسم الهجرة والشرطة في مطار اوسلو 

تم ارسال مايدينهم ولكن مع الكذب والتغيير في الواقع والحقيقة وهذا ماتم ارساله وردت على عملائهم الذين هاجموا مقالتي هذا كذبهم دخلت بالجواز الامريكي ولخوفهم من امريكا تمسكوا بجواز سفر ليس له وجود 
وكذبة ليس لها اساس من الصحة 


Thank you for your request.


You arrived from Moscow on SU 2174 on November 10th 2015.

Passing our passport control you were found wanted by Egypt in Interpol system.


There are no documents in this case, another then police internal journal, but I will refer to all information logged:


November 10th 2015:



1300: Person found wanted in Interpol system by searching at passport number.

Name and date of birth also correct.


1305: National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) contacted, by Interpol section. All needed information sent to NCIS.


1318 – 1327: Check of your purpose in Norway. Both with you and reference. All good.


1333: Very urgent request sent from NCIS to Interpol Egypt for verification. Awaiting answer.


1411: Passport control contacted NCIS. No answer from Interpol Egypt yet. NCIS will call back in 15-20 minutes.


1448: NCIS calls back. Still no answer from Interpol Egypt. Passport control requested to keep you for another couple of hours.


1515: You were brought from passport control to second line office and asked to wait in our waiting room.


1537: Left in waiting room. You get upset and was put in handcuffs for security reasons.


1552: You feel not well. Diabetic. Medical support called to come for check-up.


1610: Medical support arrived. Short check-up. Decided to bring you to doctor, emergency office.


1645: NCIS calls. Still no answer from Interpol Egypt.


1702: Done at doctor, emergency office. Brought to police custody. Cleared by Doctor Hamoud.


1857: Embassy of USA called. Given all information. Satisfied. Embassy confirmed they will call you and explain the procedures in this kind of cases.


2014: NCIS Interpol section contacted. Still no answer. Police decide to release you from custody.


2315: You were brought back to the police at the airport again. Given your passport and released. You told that you would go to Trondheim the next day, but first you wanted to contact your embassy.

You were not happy about how the police treated you.


2316: You left.


November 11th 2015 at 1442 hrs:

NCIS report that Interpol Cairo stated that you are not wanted by Egyptian authority.

Interpol main office in Lyon informed by NCIS to sort out this case with Interpol Cairo.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


Best regards


Mrs Nyheim

Border control section

Gardermoen police station

Øst police district


وللعلم بالشيء كيف فضحوا انفسهم بعد تدخل السفارة الامريكية في النرويج  - اوسلو والمراسلات بينهم كل كلامهم مختلف تماما عما ماهو مذكور هنا 

لو كان من احتجز في دولة عربية اي جنسية منهم لقامت الدنيا ولم تقعد 

ولكنهم لعبوا على وتر الاصل العربي والمسلم

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